Land Use Codes – Bucks County

We created a Bucks County Land Use Calculator to help you quickly identify Bucks County Land Use Codes.
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For example, entering “1058” into the Search Field identifies the code as “Res: Forestry Reserve.”

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1002Res: Ranch
8919Inst: Govt Auth, Act 319 (Exempt)
4266Comm: Lumber Yard
4545Comm: Mall Store
4265Comm: Landfill
4306Comm: Marina
4270Comm: Meat Packing
4271Comm: Medical/Dental
4267Comm: Mini Bank
4312Comm: Mobile Home Park, 101+ Pads
4310Comm: Mobile Home Park, 1-50 Pads
4311Comm: Mobile Home Park, 51-100 Pads
4220Comm: Motel/Hotel w/ Restaurant, < 40 Units
4222Comm: Motel/Hotel w/ Restaurant, 101+ Units
4221Comm: Motel/Hotel w/ Restaurant, 40-100 Units
4223Comm: Motel/Hotel w/o Restaurant, < 40 Units
4225Comm: Motel/Hotel w/o Restaurant, 101+ Units
4224Comm: Motel/Hotel w/o Restaurant, 40-100 Units
4227Comm: Motel/Hotel, Boarding House
4226Comm: Motel/Hotel, Cabins-Small Hotel
4228Comm: Motel/Hotel, Hotel/Tavern
4272Comm: Multi-Tenant Mini Storage
4273Comm: Nursing Home/Clinic
4111Comm: Ofc Built As Ofc, 2 Sty (Main St)
4121Comm: Ofc Built As Ofc, 3+ Sty (Main St)
4102Comm: Ofc Built As Store, 1 Sty (Main St)
4500Comm: Ofc Condo (Ind Park)
4400Comm: Ofc Condo, 1 Sty
4401Comm: Ofc Condo, Multi-Sty
4353Comm: Ofc Space, 1 Sty
4325Comm: Ofc, 1 Sty, < 50000 Sq Ft
4425Comm: Ofc, 1 Sty, < 50000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
4335Comm: Ofc, 1 Sty, > 100000 Sq Ft
4435Comm: Ofc, 1 Sty, > 100000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
4330Comm: Ofc, 1 Sty, 50001-100000 Sq Ft
4430Comm: Ofc, 1 Sty, 50001-100000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
4340Comm: Ofc, 1 Sty, Rsrch/Engineering
4440Comm: Ofc, 1 Sty, Rsrch/Engineering (Ind Park)
4501Comm: Ofc, Multi-Sty (Ind Park)
4326Comm: Ofc, Multi-Sty, < 50000 Sq Ft
4426Comm: Ofc, Multi-Sty, < 50000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
4336Comm: Ofc, Multi-Sty, > 100000 Sq Ft
4436Comm: Ofc, Multi-Sty, > 100000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
4331Comm: Ofc, Multi-Sty, 50001-100000 Sq Ft
4431Comm: Ofc, Multi-Sty, 50001-100000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
4341Comm: Ofc, Multi-Sty, Rsrch/Engineering
4441Comm: Ofc, Multi-Sty, Rsrch/Engineering (Ind Park)
4276Comm: Park, Rec Facility, Swimming Pool
4274Comm: Pkg Deck
4278Comm: Pkg Grg
4275Comm: Pkg Lot
4277Comm: Post Ofc (Non-Govt Owned)
4279Comm: Quarry/Mine
4304Comm: Race Track
4280Comm: Repair Shop/Grg
4281Comm: Restaurant w/ Liquor License
4282Comm: Restaurant w/o Liquor License
4283Comm: Retail & Shop
4290Comm: Scrap/Junk Yard
4231Comm: See 4545
4547Comm: Shopping Cntr, Community (Food/Dept or Disc Store)
4546Comm: Shopping Cntr, Neighborhood (Major Food Store)
4205Apt: Garden Type, 101+ Units (Group Of Low Rise)
4203Apt: Garden Type, 1-50 Units (Group Of Low Rise)
4204Apt: Garden Type, 51-100 Units (Group Of Low Rise)
4212Apt: High Rise, 101+ Units, 4+ Sty w/ Elevator
4210Apt: High Rise, 1-50 Units, 4+ Sty w/ Elevator
4211Apt: High Rise, 50-100 Units, 4+ Sty w/ Elevator
4201Apt: Low Rise, 11-30 Units, 3 Sty Or Less (1 Bldg)
4202Apt: Low Rise, 30+ Units, 3 Sty Or Less (1 Bldg)
4200Apt: Low Rise, 5-10 Units, 3 Sty Or Less (1 Bldg)
4213Apt: Personal Care Facility
1140Apt: Res Conversion (6+ Apts)
4214Apt: Retirement (Life Care Complex)
4217Apt: Store/Ofc Space In Apt
4216Apt: Subsidized Housing (Retirement/Low Income)
4114Comm: 1st Flr Store, Ofc Above, 2 Sty (Main St)
4019Comm: Act 319
4015Comm: Act 515
4018Comm: Agr Reserve
4235Comm: Airport
4239Comm: Amusement Park
4236Comm: Auto Graveyard
4237Comm: Auto Showroom
4238Comm: Auto Svc Cntr
4240Comm: Bank
4241Comm: Bar or Taproom
4242Comm: Bowling Alley
4244Comm: Campground
4245Comm: Car Wash
2991Comm: Club, Benevolent/Fraternal (Taxable)
4246Comm: Coin Operated Laundromat
4199Comm: Comm Condo Space in Res Condo (Main St)
4233Comm: Condo
4249Comm: Contractor Facility
4248Comm: Convenience Store
4247Comm: Convenience Store/Gas
4117Comm: Converted 1st Flr Store, Ofc Above, 2 Sty (Main St)
4123Comm: Converted To Ofc, 3+ Sty (Main St)
4122Comm: Converted To Store, 3+ Sty (Main St)
4250Comm: Dairy Store
4251Comm: Day Camp
4257Comm: Day Care Cntr
4230Comm: Dept Store
4135Comm: Dept Store (Main St)
4252Comm: Diner
4253Comm: Discount Store
4020Comm: Dwlg, Secondary Use
4550Comm: Exhibition/Convention Cntr
4254Comm: Farmer's Market
4255Comm: Fast Food
4292Comm: Fuel Distributor
4256Comm: Funeral Home
4260Comm: Gas Station
4259Comm: Gas Station/Mini Mart
4261Comm: Golf Course
4262Comm: Greenhouse/Nursery
4263Comm: Health Spa/Fitness Club
4264Comm: Home Cntr
4104Comm: House Converted To Ofc, 1 Sty (Main St)
4113Comm: House Converted To Ofc, 2 Sty (Main St)
4103Comm: House Converted To Store, 1 Sty (Main St)
4112Comm: House Converted To Store, 2 Sty (Main St)
4549Comm: Shopping Cntr, No Major Anchor
4548Comm: Shopping Cntr, Regional (2 Major Dept Stores)
4291Comm: Skating Rink
4302Comm: Storage Bldg, Res Zone
4101Comm: Store Built As Store, 1 Sty (Main St)
4110Comm: Store Built As Store, 2 Sty (Main St)
4120Comm: Store Built As Store, 3+ Sty (Main St)
4140Comm: Strip Store Or Ofc, 1 Sty (No Major Food) (Main St)
4293Comm: Supermarket
4295Comm: Tennis/Racquetball Club
4296Comm: Theater (Indoor)
4297Comm: Theater (Outdoor)
4298Comm: Transmission Tower
4303Comm: Trash Transfer Station
4299Comm: Truck Terminal
4294Comm: Used Car Dealer
4000Comm: Varied
4300Comm: Veterinary/Dog Kennel
2204Farm: 10.00-19.99 Acres
2205Farm: 20.00+ Acres
2219Farm: Act 319
2215Farm: Act 515
4017Farm: Comm Farm
2270Farm: Conservation, < 10.00 Acres
2271Farm: Conservation, 10.00-19.99 Acres
2272Farm: Conservation, 20.00+ Acres
1939Farm: County Owned - Act 319
1056Farm: Residence w/ Land - Act 319
1055Farm: Residence w/ Land - Act 515
2240Farm: Trailer Site
2239Farm: Vac Misc, 10+ Acres - Act 319
2139Farm: Vac Misc: Act 319
2135Farm: Vac Misc: Act 515
2119Farm: Vac Res - Act 319
2115Farm: Vac Res - Act 515
3019Ind: Act 319
3015Ind: Act 515
3351Ind: Cold Storage, 1 Sty
3500Ind: Condo, 1 Sty
3348Ind: Converted To Multi-Tenant, 1 Sty
3020Ind: Dwlg, Secondary Use
3065Ind: Electric Gen Plant
3450Ind: Flex Bldg/Multi-Tenant
3355Ind: Machine Shop, 1 Sty
3455Ind: Machine Shop, 1 Sty (Ind Park)
3352Ind: Meat Packing, 1 Sty
3353Ind: Ofc Space, 1 Sty
3345Ind: Old Mill Bldg, 1 Sty, < 50000 Sq Ft
3347Ind: Old Mill Bldg, 1 Sty, > 100000 Sq Ft
3346Ind: Old Mill Bldg, 1 Sty, 50001-100000 Sq Ft
3000Ind: Varied
3325Ind: Whse/Mfg, 1 Sty, < 25000 Sq Ft
3425Ind: Whse/Mfg, 1 Sty, < 25000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
3340Ind: Whse/Mfg, 1 Sty, > 100000 Sq Ft
3440Ind: Whse/Mfg, 1 Sty, > 100000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
3330Ind: Whse/Mfg, 1 Sty, 25001-50000 Sq Ft
3430Ind: Whse/Mfg, 1 Sty, 25001-50000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
3335Ind: Whse/Mfg, 1 Sty, 50001-100000 Sq Ft
3435Ind: Whse/Mfg, 1 Sty, 50001-100000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
3326Ind: Whse/Mfg, Multi-Sty, < 25000 Sq Ft
3426Ind: Whse/Mfg, Multi-Sty, < 25000 SqFt (Ind Park)
3341Ind: Whse/Mfg, Multi-Sty, > 100000 Sq Ft
3441Ind: Whse/Mfg, Multi-Sty, > 100000 Sq Ft (Ind Park)
3331Ind: Whse/Mfg, Multi-Sty, 25001-50000 Sq Ft
3431Ind: Whse/Mfg, Multi-Sty, 25001-50000 SqFt (Ind Park)
3336Ind: Whse/Mfg, Multi-Sty, 50001-100000 Sq Ft
3436Ind: Whse/Mfg, Multi-Sty, 50001-100000 SqFt (Ind Park)
3350Ind: Yard Bldg, 1 Sty
9980Inst: Board Of Ed, College/University (Exempt)
9880Inst: Board Of Ed, College/University (Partial Exempt)
9950Inst: Board Of Ed, Primary (Exempt)
9850Inst: Board Of Ed, Primary (Partial Exempt)
9960Inst: Board Of Ed, Secondary (Exempt)
9860Inst: Board Of Ed, Secondary (Partial Exempt)
9970Inst: Board Of Ed, Vocational (Exempt)
9870Inst: Board Of Ed, Vocational (Partial Exempt)
5925Inst: Cemetery, Pvt (Exempt)
5825Inst: Cemetery, Pvt (Partial Exempt)
5125Inst: Cemetery, Pvt (Taxable)
5920Inst: Cemetery, Religious (Exempt)
5820Inst: Cemetery, Religious (Partial Exempt)
5120Inst: Cemetery, Religious (Taxable)
5901Inst: Church (Exempt)
5801Inst: Church (Partial Exempt)
5101Inst: Church (Taxable)
5902Inst: Church Pkg Lot (Exempt)
5802Inst: Church Pkg Lot (Partial Exempt)
5102Inst: Church Pkg Lot (Taxable)
5980Inst: Club, Fraternal Org (Exempt)
5880Inst: Club, Fraternal Org (Partial Exempt)
5180Inst: Club, Fraternal Org (Taxable)
5981Inst: Conservancy (Exempt)
5881Inst: Conservancy (Partial Exempt)
5989Inst: Conservancy, Act 319 (Exempt)
5889Inst: Conservancy, Act 319 (Partial Exempt)
5985Inst: Conservancy, Act 515 (Exempt)
5885Inst: Conservancy, Act 515 (Partial Exempt)
5904Inst: Convent, Retreat House (Exempt)
5804Inst: Convent, Retreat House (Partial Exempt)
5104Inst: Convent, Retreat House (Taxable)
9930Inst: County Govt (Exempt)
9830Inst: County Govt (Partial Exempt)
9933Inst: County Govt, Park (Exempt)
9833Inst: County Govt, Park (Partial Exempt)
9910Inst: Fed Govt (Exempt)
9810Inst: Fed Govt (Partial Exempt)
9913Inst: Fed Govt, Park (Exempt)
9813Inst: Fed Govt, Park (Partial Exempt)
5929Inst: Firehouse, Emergency Squad (Exempt)
5829Inst: Firehouse, Emergency Squad (Partial Exempt)
5129Inst: Firehouse, Emergency Squad (Taxable)
Land Use Codes classify the current use of a property in TREND’s public records system. These codes are
8810Inst: Govt Auth (Partial Exempt)
4305Comm: Kennel
8819Inst: Govt Auth, Act 319 (Partial Exempt)
8915Inst: Govt Auth, Act 515 (Exempt)
8815Inst: Govt Auth, Act 515 (Partial Exempt)
9919Inst: Govt, Act 319 (Exempt)
9819Inst: Govt, Act 319 (Partial Exempt)
9915Inst: Govt, Act 515 (Exempt)
9815Inst: Govt, Act 515 (Partial Exempt)
5930Inst: Hospital, Medical Facility (Exempt)
5830Inst: Hospital, Medical Facility (Partial Exempt)
5130Inst: Hospital, Medical Facility (Taxable)
9940Inst: Local Govt (Exempt)
9840Inst: Local Govt (Partial Exempt)
9943Inst: Local Govt, Park (Exempt)
9843Inst: Local Govt, Park (Partial Exempt)
5911Inst: Misc (Exempt)
5811Inst: Misc (Partial Exempt)
5111Inst: Misc (Taxable)
5910Inst: Misc Charitable Org (Exempt)
5810Inst: Misc Charitable Org (Partial Exempt)
5110Inst: Misc Charitable Org (Taxable)
5906Inst: Misc Religious Org (Exempt)
5806Inst: Misc Religious Org (Partial Exempt)
5106Inst: Misc Religious Org (Taxable)
5994Inst: Mobile Home/Active Military
5900Inst: Museum, Misc (Exempt)
5800Inst: Museum, Misc (Partial Exempt)
5000Inst: Museum/Misc (Taxable)
5940Inst: Nursing Home, Sanitarium, Home For Elderly (Exempt)
5840Inst: Nursing Home, Sanitarium, Home For Eld (Partial Exmpt)
5140Inst: Nursing Home, Sanitarium, Home For Elderly (Taxable)
5905Inst: Parsonage (Exempt)
5805Inst: Parsonage (Partial Exempt)
5105Inst: Parsonage (Taxable)
8966Inst: Public Utility (Exempt)
5191Inst: Res Care (Taxable)
5991Inst: Res Care House-BARC, CIBC, etc (Exempt)
5958Inst: School, Parochial, College/University (Exempt)
5858Inst: School, Parochial, College/University (Partial Exempt)
5158Inst: School, Parochial, College/University (Taxable)
5956Inst: School, Parochial, High School (Exempt)
5856Inst: School, Parochial, High School (Partial Exempt)
5156Inst: School, Parochial, High School (Taxable)
5950Inst: School, Parochial, Nursery (Exempt)
5850Inst: School, Parochial, Nursery (Partial Exempt)
5150Inst: School, Parochial, Nursery (Taxable)
5952Inst: School, Parochial, Primary (Exempt)
5852Inst: School, Parochial, Primary (Partial Exempt)
5152Inst: School, Parochial, Primary (Taxable)
5968Inst: School, Pvt Primary (Exempt)
5974Inst: School, Pvt, College/University (Exempt)
5874Inst: School, Pvt, College/University (Partial Exempt)
5174Inst: School, Pvt, College/University (Taxable)
5972Inst: School, Pvt, High School (Exempt)
5872Inst: School, Pvt, High School (Partial Exempt)
5172Inst: School, Pvt, High School (Taxable)
5966Inst: School, Pvt, Nursery (Exempt)
5866Inst: School, Pvt, Nursery (Partial Exempt)
5166Inst: School, Pvt, Nursery (Taxable)
5868Inst: School, Pvt, Primary (Partial Exempt)
5168Inst: School, Pvt, Primary (Taxable)
5970Inst: School, Pvt, Secondary (Exempt)
5870Inst: School, Pvt, Secondary (Partial Exempt)
5170Inst: School, Pvt, Secondary (Taxable)
5976Inst: School, Pvt, Vocational (Exempt)
5876Inst: School, Pvt, Vocational (Partial Exempt)
5176Inst: School, Pvt, Vocational (Taxable)
5978Inst: School, Special Prupose (Exempt)
5878Inst: School, Special Purpose (Partial Exempt)
5178Inst: School, Special Purpose (Taxable)
9920Inst: State Govt (Exempt)
9820Inst: State Govt (Partial Exempt)
9923Inst: State Govt, Park (Exempt)
9823Inst: State Govt, Park (Partial Exempt)
5990Inst: VA Exemption (Exempt)
5890Inst: VA Exemption (Partial Exempt)
5999Inst: VA Exemption, Act 319 (Exempt)
5899Inst: VA Exemption, Act 319 (Partial Exempt)
5995Inst: VA Exemption, Act 515 (Exempt)
5895Inst: VA Exemption, Act 515 (Partial Exempt)
9999Misc: Series of Cards
4116Mix: 1st Flr Ofc, Apt(s) Above, 2 Sty (Main St)
4129Mix: 1st Flr Ofc, Apt(s) Above, 3+ Sty (Main St)
4115Mix: 1st Flr Store, Apt(s) Above, 2 Sty (Main St)
4128Mix: 1st Flr Store, Apt(s) Above, 3+ Sty (Main St)
4218Mix: Apt In Comm Bldg
4125Mix: Built As Ofc, Ofc/Apt(s) Above, 3+ Sty (Main St)
4124Mix: Built As Store, Ofc/Apt(s) Above, 3+ Sty (Main St)
4119Mix: Converted 1st Flr Ofc, Apt(s) Above, 2 Sty (Main St)
4118Mix: Converted 1st Flr Store, Apt(s) Above, 2 Sty (Main St)
4127Mix: Converted Ofc, Ofc/Apt(s) Above, 3+ Sty (Main St)
4126Mix: Converted Store, Ofc/Apt(s) Above, 3+ Sty (Main St)
1032Mix: Res/Comm
1031Mix: Res/Professional Mixed
4141Mix: Strip Store Or Ofc w/ Ofc/Apt(s) Above, 2 Sty (Main St)
4232Mix: Strip Store w/ Ofc or Apt(s) Above, 2 Sty
1017Mobile: Mobile Home
1400Mobile: Mobile Home - In Park
1029Res: A-Frame
1057Res: Agr Reserve
1026Res: Barn (Residence)
1004Res: Bi-Level
1007Res: Bungalow
1025Res: Cabin Cottage
1008Res: Cape Cod
1501Res: Church Owned
1010Res: Colonial (New)
1009Res: Colonial (Old)
1013Res: Condo
1099Res: Condo Not Yet Assessed
1960Res: Contaminated Site
1003Res: Contemporary
1001Res: Conventional
1930Res: County Owned (Taxable)
1012Res: Duplex
1018Res: Farm House
1019Res: Farm House (Reproduction)
1058Res: Forestry Reserve
1028Res: Geodesic Dome
1900Res: Govt Owned (Taxable)
1030Res: In Ground
1014Res: Log
1015Res: Mansion
1011Res: Multi-Fam (3-7 Units)
1060Res: Quadraplex
1100Res: Res/Grg Apt
1051Res: Residence w/ 10.00-19.99 Acres Land
1052Res: Residence w/ 20.00+ Acres Land
1050Res: Residence w/ 5.00-9.99 Acres Land
1024Res: Row
1022Res: Saltbox
1027Res: School House (Residence)
1005Res: Split Level
1006Res: Townhouse
1021Res: Tudor
1023Res: Twin
1040Res: Uninhabitable Dwlg
1016Res: Unique
1020Res: Victorian
8930Util: Misc
8900Util: Vac
2121Vac: Agr Reserve
2220Vac: Agr Reserve
2000Vac: Assessed In Other Jurisdiction
9990Vac: Board Of Ed (Exempt)
2990Vac: Church/Misc (Taxable)
2403Vac: Comm, < 0.5 Acres
2405Vac: Comm, 0.5-1.00 Acres
2408Vac: Comm, 1.001-4.99 Acres
2410Vac: Comm, 10.00-19.99 Acres
2411Vac: Comm, 20.00+ Acres
2409Vac: Comm, 5.00-9.99 Acres
2419Vac: Comm, Act 319
2415Vac: Comm, Act 515
2407Vac: Comm, Common Area
2460Vac: Comm, Contaminated Site
4060Vac: Comm, Contaminated Site
2421Vac: Comm, Forestry Reserve
2406Vac: Comm, Open Space
2060Vac: Contaminated Site
2930Vac: County Govt (Taxable)
2939Vac: County Govt, Act 319 (Taxable)
2935Vac: County Govt, Act 515 (Taxable)
2933Vac: County Govt, Park (Taxable)
9931Vac: County Govt/Misc (Exempt)
9831Vac: County Govt/Misc (Partial Exempt)
2910Vac: Fed Govt (Taxable)
2919Vac: Fed Govt, Act 319 (Taxable)
2915Vac: Fed Govt, Act 515 (Taxable)
2913Vac: Fed Govt, Park (Taxable)
9911Vac: Fed Govt/Misc (Exempt)
9811Vac: Fed Govt/Misc (Partial Exempt)
2122Vac: Forestry Reserve
2221Vac: Forestry Reserve
2980Vac: Govt Auth (Taxable)
2989Vac: Govt Auth, Act 319 (Taxable)
2985Vac: Govt Auth, Act 515 (Taxable)
2303Vac: Ind, < 0.5 Acres
2305Vac: Ind, 0.5-1.00 Acres
2308Vac: Ind, 1.001-4.99 Acres
2310Vac: Ind, 10.00-19.99 Acres
2311Vac: Ind, 20.00+ Acres
2309Vac: Ind, 5.00-9.99 Acres
2319Vac: Ind, Act 319
2315Vac: Ind, Act 515
2307Vac: Ind, Common Area
2360Vac: Ind, Contaminated Site
3060Vac: Ind, Contaminated Site
2321Vac: Ind, Forestry Reserve
2306Vac: Ind, Open Space
5992Vac: Inst (Exempt)
5892Vac: Inst (Partial Exempt)
2503Vac: Inst, < 0.5 Acres
2505Vac: Inst, 0.5-1.00 Acres
2508Vac: Inst, 1.001-4.99 Acres
2510Vac: Inst, 10.00-19.99 Acres
2511Vac: Inst, 20.00+ Acres
2509Vac: Inst, 5.00-9.99 Acres
2519Vac: Inst, Act 319
2515Vac: Inst, Act 515
2940Vac: Local Govt (Taxable)
2949Vac: Local Govt, Act 319 (Taxable)
2945Vac: Local Govt, Act 515 (Taxable)
2943Vac: Local Govt, Park (Taxable)
9941Vac: Local Govt/Misc (Exempt)
9841Vac: Local Govt/Misc (Partial Exempt)
2130Vac: Misc, < 0.5 Acres
2131Vac: Misc, 0.5-1.00 Acres
2132Vac: Misc, 1.001-4.99 Acres
2234Vac: Misc, 10.00-19.99 Acres
2235Vac: Misc, 20.00+ Acres
2133Vac: Misc, 5.00-9.99 Acres
2137Vac: Misc, Common Area
2141Vac: Misc, Forestry Reserve
2136Vac: Misc, Open Space
2100Vac: Res, < 0.5 Acres
2101Vac: Res, 0.5-1.00 Acres
2102Vac: Res, 1.001-4.99 Acres
2103Vac: Res, 5.00-9.99 Acres
2107Vac: Res, Common Area
2120Vac: Res, Detention Basin
2106Vac: Res, Open Space
2108Vac: Res, Pvt Road
2140Vac: Res, Trailer Site
2950Vac: School District (Taxable)
2959Vac: School District, Act 319 (Taxable)
2955Vac: School District, Act 515 (Taxable)
2920Vac: State Govt (Taxable)
2929Vac: State Govt, Act 319 (Taxable)
2925Vac: State Govt, Act 515 (Taxable)
2923Vac: State Govt, Park (Taxable)
9921Vac: State Govt/Misc (Exempt)
9821Vac: State Govt/Misc (Partial Exempt)
2050Vac: Wetlands

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