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Bucks County Stone Homes For Sale

Bucks County stone homes for sale are true works of art. Constructed in a time pre Luddite rebellion and post Johns Rebellion, where muscle, sweat and shear human ingenuity were the primary industrial tools of choice; the workmanship achieved over 200 years ago has stood the test of time. Great examples of the hand-hewn artistry of these unique homes can be […]

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Multigenerational Home For Sale in Bucks County

This home for sale at 425 Hilltop Rd, Riegelsville PA 18077 in Durham Townsip, PA features an in-law suite has been designed with flexibility in mind to be attractive for any future occupants. Some of the key elements of this In-law suite include: The areas of the suite are spacious and incorporate universal design principles that are timeless and integrate with […]

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