Sellersville Considers Residential Rental Inspections

Sellersville Borough Council has scheduled a public hearing to consider a proposed ordinance that would allow for residential rental property inspections in the borough. The ordinance would repeal Chapter 116 of the borough code, “Rental Property,” and replacing it with Ordinance No. 728, titled “Residential Rental Units — Licensing and Inspection.” According to Borough Manager David Rivet, “The rental property inspection ordinance was prompted by discussion from the borough’s Revitalization Committee, which believed that certain landlords were not properly caring for their rental properties.” The proposed ordinance states that tenants will be prohibited from allowing people other than those identified on the lease from residing in the unit, and they will be obligated to maintain peaceful conduct. It will also require:

  • periodic inspections of rental properties (a minimum of once every three years)
  • a rental license from the borough
  • a property manager within a 30-mile radius
  • owners ensure only one family resides in each residential unit
  • property kept in good, safe condition
  • compliance with all applicable codes
  • owners must stay current on the payment of real estate taxes, water/sewer fees, and trash fees

Penalties include up to 90 days in jail and fines of up to $1,000, plus court costs and attorney fees incurred by Sellersville. The text of the ordinance is available on the borough website. The public hearing is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 12, at 7 p.m. at Sellersville Borough Hall, 140 E. Church St.
Source: Bucks County Herald; 7/18/2019 

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