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If you have rental properties or rent a property in Sellersville, PA there may some changes in your future. An ordinance is being proposed in for rental properties in Sellersville Borough by the the Sellersville Revitalization Committee.

This new rental ordinance is currently being drafted and should be ready for review by December, 2017.

The goal(s) of the Sellersville Borough rental ordinance include:

  • Establish Maintenance Standards for Sellersville Rental Residential Buildings
  • Require registration of rental tenants in Sellersville Borough
  • Create guidelines for Inspection of Sellersville Borough Rental Properties

Sellersville Borough Rental Ordinance Draft

The Sellersville Borough council is required to hold a public hearing to allow Sellersville Borough residents to ask questions and comment on the proposed rental ordinance before the council votes.

Visit or the Sellersville, PA Borough website for the latest information on the Sellersville Borough Rental Ordinance

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